Max Guests: 3

Room Size: 21m²

Bed Size: 1 King Bed

Extra Bed Available

Third Floor


Free WI-FI



Free Toiletries




Air Conditioning


Laundry Service

Long Ji, meaning Dragon Spine in Chinese, is the name of a valley hidden in a remote area of Guangxi. Keren Su stumbled into this place by accident in 1996. He hiked on a narrow trail in the mountain for hours, trying to get a bird’s eye view. When he finally reached the viewpoint, he was stunned by the breathtaking terraces. Miles of rolling hills were sculptured with tightly packed terraces on the precipitous slopes. Strip by strip, the narrow water-filled rice paddies wrapped around the mountain sides, extending down into the valley floor. Keren wondered where nature's beauty ended and mankind's handiwork started. Philippine’s Banaue Terraces are world famous and a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, Longji Terraces are no less inferior. Buried deep in the mountains for centuries, it was unknown to the outside world until recent years. When Keren designed this room, he wanted to give you the feeling that once you open the window, you will see the beautiful terraces all around you. He installed traditional latticed window frames on every wall and behind each window is his photo print of the terraces. You will see local Zhuang people’s farming tools and understand the difficulty of farming on the terraces. They had to pull the plow on their shoulders on the narrow strip of land. You will also see their traditional raincoat made of palm tree barks. These things are becoming museum collections, no longer seen in the daily life.


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