Max Guests: 3

Room Size: 22m²

Bed Size: 1 King Bed

Extra Bed Available

Third Floor


Free WI-FI



Free Toiletries




Air Conditioning


Laundry Service

In Keren Su’s long photography career, he has traveled all over China, but Pamir Plateau is always his most beloved. Located in Central Asia, it is at the junction of the Himalayas with Tian Shan, Karakoram, Kunlun, Hindu Kush, Suleman and Hindu Raj Ranges. Regarded as the Roof of the World, it is the home to many high peaks, including K2 (also known as Chhogori) at 8611 meters, second only to Mt. Everest. K2 is the world’s most difficult and dangerous peak. Keren was very lucky to be able to go there three times and the first time was in 1982. There was no road, not even a footpath. The team hiked along the dried up riverbeds and crossed high passes. The environment was harsh: burning sun during the day, extreme cold during the evening and high wind. When Gasherbrum and K2, both over 8000 meters, appeared before Keren, he could not contain his excitement. Pamir Plateau is also home to some of the most beautiful high lakes, like Karakuli, where the Tajik and Kirghiz people live. Along the route of the ancient Silk Road, Karakoram Highway extending to Pakistan was built, so Pamir Plateau is a lot easier to access nowadays. If you haven’t been there yet, please experience it in this room first. The circular king bed is decorated with curtains as if in a Tajik yurt. The beautiful saddle reminds you of the Kirghiz people galloping on the grasslands. The huge photo prints on the wall display the many enchanting landscapes on Pamir Plateau.


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