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Bed Size: 1 King Bed

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What a rare experience, to learn about Chinese music and the unique written notation of the local minority people’s music in the same lovely and comfortable room that you sleep. Enjoy the wonderful “musical” feeling from the paintings and display pieces, and learn the famous imperial praying song dated back to the Ming dynasty more than 300 years ago, recorded on paper with calligraphy. One day in 500 B.C.E., a team of men were hurrying along the road to the neighboring kingdom of Zeng for King Zeng’s funeral. They carried a special gift for the ceremony, to be buried with the king. In June of 1978, while putting in an irrigation system, some modern-day workers unearthed this same gift - 124 different kinds of musical instruments, one of which was a collection of 64 bells of various sizes and each bell having two-tones. The Melody room features traditional instruments on display, and creates an ambience to help you experience the music that has played such an important part of Chinese life from the earliest times.


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