Max Guests: 2

Room Size: 12m²

Bed Size: 1 King Bed

Second Floor

Mountain View

Can connect with Himalaya


Free WI-FI



Free Toiletries




Air Conditioning


Laundry Service

Every Chinese who loves to travel is familiar with the famous travel writer and geographer, Xu Xiake’s comment, “Visitors do not want to see mountains after traveling to the Five High Mountains and they do not want to see high mountains after traveling to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain)”. Huangshan is known for its tiny pine trees on the cliffs, granite peaks shaped as great sculptures, clouds moving like the waves of the ocean and magnificent sunrises and sunsets. It is one of China’s most popular destinations and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It has become the inspiration for generations of Chinese artists. When Keren Su was still a lad, he traveled to Huangshan to sketch. During his later years, he went there to photograph. He lost track of how many times he has been to this magnificent mountain. He might not be able to get the best pictures every time, but just being there, at the top of the mountain peak, was a great moment. Different seasons left him different impressions. He has photographed every aspect of the mountain, from the detailed close-up view of the pine trees to the vast landscape with the sea of rolling clouds. Nature provides endless beauty for photographers. Keren hopes while staying in this room decorated with his photos accumulated from his long photography career, you will enjoy the beauty of Huangshan, like he does.


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