Why Is This Lodge Special?

It is created by Keren Su, a world recognized photographer, who displays the best collection of his works.

Demo of Keren Su’s Slide Show

Demo of Keren Su’s Photography

Demo of Keren Su’s Silk Scarf & Silk Scroll

"Light of Ripples" - Silk Scarf Printed with Keren Su's Photo

During Keren Su’s travels around the world, he lost track of how many times he was amazed by the light reflected in the waves and ripples of the water. As a photographer, he always feels excited when he sees this kind of beauty displayed on the surface of the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. He was inspired to print his photographic images on Chinese pure silk. When he went through his different images showing water's subtle movements, he realized that some of the abstract patterns bore much resemblance to Chinese traditional silk. Here comes his final artwork. He also included his poem, personal chop and signature on the silk scarf. It was a challenging task taking several years to try out different printers and factories before the final production. There are six silk scarves, each has a label with a name of the place that inspired Keren. The best quality 100% pure silk was selected as the material and the edges of the scarves are hand rolled in a very elegant way. You can wear it or decorate your home with it.



Grand Canal


Inle Lake

Halong Bay

Silk Scroll - Oriental Beauty & Modern Technology

We are very proud to present Keren Su’s new innovation. After more than two years experimenting, we are finally able to print Keren’s photos on the silk cloth. Framed as traditional Chinese hanging scrolls, they are lightweight, easy to carry and long lasting. As a Chinese-born professional photographer living in America, Keren has always dreamed to combine his photography with the beauty of the Orient. These silk scrolls are Keren’s original creation and cannot be seen anywhere else. Keren has autographed every silk scroll and this could be a valuable addition to your collection.

Prints, Posters & Postcards

The gift shop in the gallery carries a variety of posters, postcards and prints, all featuring Keren Su’s photography work spanning a career of four decades. Customs prints can be ordered and there is also a small number of limited edition prints autographed by Keren. The subjects range from beautiful natural scenery to UNESCO World Heritage sites; from wild life to historical moments, representing Keren's best works.

T-shirts Printed with Keren Su's Photos

T-shirts printed with Keren Su's photography are available. They are elegant renditions of his best works. The subjects range from cute penguin chicks to ferocious tigers, from karst hills of Li River to rice terraces of Longji. The material is 100% cotton, the colors come in white, pink and blue and sizes range from small to extra-large.

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