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Xingping Li River Lodge

After almost a decade, Keren Su, the famous photographer, finally finished his artistic Li River Lodge in Xingping. This is where the river makes a big turn with undulating karst hills, turquoise water and verdant bamboo bush, the scenery featured on the Chinese 20 Yuan note. The fishing village of Xingping even attracted President Clinton. Xingping Li River Lodge is conveniently located near the Nine Horse Mural Hill. It is 2.5km away from Xingping Dock and Xingping Ancient Town and the new high speed train station is only 10km away. Over several decades, Keren has accumulated an impressive collection of Chinese classic furniture which he used to decorate the 18 rooms inside the lodge. Inside the rooms, there are classic chests, dressers, tables, basin shelf, dressing table, lacquer screens and gilded carved bed frames. Even the chairs are of various types like Yokeback, Meditation, Lamphanger, Roundback, Folding and Luohan, similar to a couch. Keren also used his collected wood carving, embroidery and batik pieces throughout the lodge. Each of the 18 rooms is named after a beautiful flower and tastefully designed. Different from other local hotels, Li River Lodge is well insulated, maintaining comfortable temperatures all year round. It is a perfect place to experience the Chinese classic culture and admire the tranquil pastoral scenery.


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