Max Guests: 2

Room Size: 22m²

Bed Size: 2 Twin Beds

Partial Mountain View

Fourth Floor


Free WI-FI



Free Toiletries



Air Conditioning


Laundry Service

By early October in Guilin area, a cool breeze sways the little flowers perched on the osmanthus tree branches and the air is filled with a sweet and delightful aroma. The name of Guilin literally means “Forest of Osmanthus Trees”, so it is no surprise that the city flower is osmanthus. The famous poetess, Li Qingzhao, described the osmanthus flower as “light yellow, with a soft figure, only leaves fragrance behind; no need for bright greens and reds, the osmanthus is a flower destined to shine.” The tiny dried yellow blossoms are among China’s most enchanting flower fragrances and used widely in perfume, tea and food making. We hope this room of Osmanthus decorated with a distinct theme of Chinese cultural heritage will bring you a very pleasant night.