Max Guests: 2

Room Size: 16m²

Bed Size: 1 King Bed

Second Floor

Mountain View


Free WI-FI



Free Toiletries




Air Conditioning


Laundry Service

At the end of the Yangtze River on the east coast of China is a delta covered with a huge network of waterways. Some were formed by nature but many were man made since several thousand years ago. What this area attracts Keren Su the most is the architecture. Many ancient stone bridges cross the canals; traditional houses of white walls and black-tile roofs line up the river. Before he had a camera, the water town was the inspiration of his paintings. He observed every stone bridge up and down the canals. The windows of the wooden houses provided him many different angles for his sketching. The canals are the major transportation system, the center of many daily activities. The small boats could be rowed by vendors selling vegetables and seafood. The big boats could be merchants carrying construction materials heading towards their destination. Shopping is conducted from the windows facing the river. After a deal is reached, an empty basket hanging from a rope is lowered out of the window and soon pulled up again loaded with the purchase. Then the vendor moved on to the next window. The squeaking sound from each movement of the rowing has always lingered in Keren’s mind. Staying in this room, you will feel the tranquil ambience of the enchanting water towns known as the “Venice of the East”. The exquisitely carved bamboo Wupeng boat will take you to the winding narrow canals lined up with classic houses and elegant gardens.


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