Max Guests: 3

Room Size: 22m²

Bed Size: 1 King Bed

Extra Bed Available

Third Floor

Can connect with Li River


Free WI-FI



Free Toiletries




Air Conditioning


Laundry Service

There is an old Chinese saying, “He who has never been to the Great Wall is no true man.” For western travelers coming to China, the Great Wall is always the most popular destination. Resembling a giant dragon winding through the rolling mountains, desolate desert and endless grassland for thousands of miles, it is China’s most recognizable symbol and a most extensive construction project ever completed in human history. As a photographer, Keren Su is always thrilled by its beauty and keeps going back to different locations in different seasons. He has traveled to all the remaining parts of the Great Wall from Jiayuguan, the western end in the desert, to Shanhaiguan, the eastern end by Bohai Sea. He lost track of how many times he was hiking along the narrow mountain paths in the chilly winter mornings and hot humid summer afternoons. Great Wall is a masterpiece in Chinese construction history. Materials varied from red willow tree branches, reeds and sandy soil built into layer upon layer, to stones and bricks. Some of the most majestic sections lie in Hebei Province, where most of the photos Keren displays in this room are shot from. To create the ambience of the Great Wall, he installed several sections of brick walls and an elevated platform resembling a beacon tower. Staying here surrounded by Keren’s photos showcasing the splendid scenery at sunrise and sunset, you will be enthralled by the grandeur of the Great Wall.


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