Max Guests: 2

Bed Size: 2 Twin Beds


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Visiting a traditional Chinese pharmacy is a sensory treat. Thousands of little drawers stretching all the way up the wall to the high ceiling, tiny calligraphies on the face of each drawer and mysterious secrets hidden inside each one. If you find yourself in such a rare environment, you may hear the clacking sound of an abacus calculating the weights of various substances, and you will experience fascinating fragrances with properties that might invoke a sensation of cold or warmth, sweetness, or bitterness. Many plants, including flowers, have long been regarded as herbal remedies in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine. Interestingly, nowadays westerners are learning more than ever before about Chinese herbal medicine, while in modern-day China these old fashioned pharmacies are becoming fewer and fewer. In the Aroma room, one can capture a bit of that long-ago atmosphere, although instead of featuring an overwhelming array of herbal remedies, you find a display of nose-tingling dried flowers, traditional blue and white porcelain jars for holding dried plants, bronze containers with sticks used for grinding and beside these, many small boxes which once contained herbs used for medicines. A long Chinese painting scroll depicts in great detail the entire process of how herbal medicine was used to treat local patients. In this comfortable room, one can learn a wealth of information about the fading discipline of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and follow on a fragrant journey to healing and rest.


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