Max Guests: 2

Bed Size: 2 Twin Beds


Free WI-FI



Free Toiletries



Air Conditioning


Laundry Service

In this room, the contrasting textures of under-glazed porcelain and indigo-dyed cloth from the countryside merge, forming the classic color combination blue and white, resulting in a warm, harmonious feel. Elegant batik wall displays complement fine porcelain pieces collected from throughout China, including the porcelain center of the country, Jingdezheng of the Jiangxi province in southeast. As told by one of the local elders of that region, this country became known as “China” about 1,000 years ago. Jingdezheng started its existence as the little town “Changnan.” and the magnificent blue and white glazed porcelain it produced immediately attracted attention once it was imported to Western countries. As soon as people became familiar with this oriental “treasure,” they began calling the remote place it came from “China” rather than “Changnan.” An emperor in the Song Dynasty about 800 years ago renamed “Changnan,” calling it “Jingdezheng” (Zheng means town) and decreed that only Changnan porcelain was suitable to grace the imperial tables. But westerners continued to know this far and mysterious land as “China.” Guests of this room can relish the classic beauty of porcelain from Qing and Ming dynasties while luxuriating in Li-An Lodge’s unique peace and comfort.