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Earthenware, an integral part of our human existence from the very beginning until now, has had styles and uses as varied as the regions from which they come. Here in this room we’ve displayed all terracotta objects so you can appreciate their variety. The pot in the glass case replicates one from primitive times about 5000 years ago. A quantity of beautiful, well-preserved and superbly shaped vessels was found at Banpo village near Xian. Incredible how these artists from so long ago could be every bit as skillful as today’s. Of course, the magnificent world famous terracotta warriors, created 2100 years ago in the same region are still classified as earthenware. The collection in this room of terracotta teapots and the replica of a pot made 5000 years ago tell many stories about Chinese history and culture. At Li-An Lodge you can learn about what made earthenware teapots so distinct and special compared to those made of porcelain.


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